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Why this site?

Our mission is to make investing in cryptocurrencies and precious metals accessible to all investors—big and small

For too long the federal government has held a monopoly on our money via the Federal Reserve. This unregulated and unchecked power to print money at will has destroyed the dollar's value and made all of us worse off.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies and finance, along with the traditional stability of precious metals like gold and silver, give today’s investors greater control and better options for retirement planning and day-to-day living.

Topcryptosandmetals.com exists to give you the latest, best-researched news and information about these alternative investments.

We believe we can provide unique insights into the alternative asset market, and we know the ability to understand and invest in these alternatives will grant greater financial freedom to many looking for a way out of the Fed’s monopoly.

Thanks for joining us!