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The Complete Birch Gold Group Review for 2024

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Hey, there! If you’re ready to invest in precious metals so you can protect your retirement from record inflation, greedy government, or a potential market crash, our comprehensive Birch Gold Group review will save you a lot of time and effort in researching the company.

At Top Cryptos & Metals, we are big fans of the BLUF – the bottom line up front. We invite you to read the next few paragraphs to see how Birch Gold’s approach to precious metals investing and IRA rollovers may dovetail nicely with your own investment goals.

We also present exhaustive research about the company because we understand just how crucial these decisions are and what they mean for your financial future.

Introduction – What is Birch Gold?

Founded in 2003, Birch Gold Group has established itself as a reliable player in the precious metals market. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the company was created by CEO Laith Alsarraf. With a focus on precious metals IRAs, Birch Gold Group offers a range of investment options including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Over the years, they have built a reputation for providing knowledgeable and trustworthy services, managing a significant portfolio of assets for their clients.

Compared to other gold IRA companies, Birch Gold has lower investment minimums (just $10,000), industry-average setup and storage fees (about $200 a year), and overall positive reviews. Well-known personalities like Ron Paul, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and Steve Bannon currently endorse the company’s products and services.

Investors looking for a solid foundation to protect and grow their retirement savings may find Birch Gold Group’s approach to asset diversification and wealth preservation particularly appealing. Their commitment to educating clients on investment choices aligns well with the analytical and detail-oriented mindset of professionals looking for diverse options.

Birch Gold Group Pros & Cons



Dr. Ron Paul endorses Birch Gold Group Review
  • Industry veterans with over 20 years of experience
  • Low minimums, just $10,000 to purchase precious or roll over a retirement account
  • Wider variety of investment options compared to competitors
  • Great educational materials and support for first-time investors
  • Highly rated by BBB, BCA, and customers
  • Promotions that waive fees and offer free precious metals for qualifying purchases
  • Lack of communication at times
  • Some customers report undisclosed markups on purchases

Can I Trust Birch Gold?

When conducting business with any company, what are the things you’d want to consider? You’d probably want to look at third-party ratings and customer reviews. You’d also want to know about fees and security and insurance. You’d be interested in learning about any buyback guarantees or how to receive a payout when the time comes. You want to make sure the company you do business with is legit and trustworthy. Lucky for you, we researched all these things and more to bring you the most up-to-date and thorough Birch Gold Group review possible.

The short answer to the question, “Can I trust Birch Gold,” is “Yes”. They take their reputation seriously, are responsive to customer complaints, and comply with all laws pertaining to precious metals investing.

To its credit, Birch Gold even has its Risk Disclosure on its website so customers can better understand the implications of investing in precious metals.

Independent Birch Gold Group Reviews

Two rating agencies tend to dominate third-party reviews for companies in the United States: the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). These sites examine Birch Gold’s business practices and customer interactions to provide the public with an accreditation rating. The rating serves as an overall guide regarding Birch Gold’s trustworthiness and willingness to resolve complaints.

Birch Gold maintains a very favorable rating with both agencies, and we’ll include links to everything so you don’t have to take our word for it.

Better Business Bureau’s Birch Gold Group Review

The BBB gives Birch Gold an A+ rating (the highest possible). This rating comes from an evaluation of whether Birch Gold advertises ethically, how responsive the company is to complaints, and other factors about how the company does business.

The BBB also allows customers who have dealt with Birch Gold to leave reviews. Customers who had a positive experience repeatedly highlighted how helpful and professional Birch Gold representatives were when guiding new investors through the buying process.

As of this writing, over 140 customers reviewed their experience with Birch Gold, and the company has a 4.55 out of 5-star rating.

Business Consumer Alliance’s Birch Gold Group Review

The BCA gives Birch Gold a AAA rating, also its highest. While the BCA has only seven 5-star customer reviews listed on its Birch Gold profile as of this writing, those who commented mentioned how patient, knowledgeable, and thorough representatives were in helping to buy precious metals.

Birch Gold Customer Ratings

Birch Gold Group Reviews on Google

Customers on Google have left over 270 Birch Gold Group reviews, with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. The most recent review (as of this writing) was written in December 2023.

Reviewers on Google comment that overall, the company’s representatives put them at ease when making precious metals purchases and answered all their questions. Many said they were first-time buyers who appreciated how Birch Gold made them feel heard and confident about their investment decisions.

Birch Gold Group Reviews on Trustpilot

Over 150 Birch Gold customers have left an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with its most recent review posted in December 2023. Reviewers here also mention a smooth and

Birch Gold Group Reviews on TrustLink

More than 130 reviewers have rated Birch Gold on TrustLink with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The most recent review is from February 2023, and the company’s review history goes back over a decade.

Birch Gold Customer Complaints

The BBB reports that over the last 3 years, Birch Gold has responded to and closed 7 complaints. Within the last year, Birch Gold has responded to and closed 3 complaints. Birch Gold is responsive to official complaints on the BBB’s website, even though the company doesn’t respond to every negative review.

Research on the BBB site reveals that most customers complain about not knowing or understanding that Birch Gold makes a profit by selling precious metals at a premium – at a certain amount above the market price. Often these markups can come as a shock to investors, and we at Top Cryptos and Metals recommend buyers specifically ask any gold or silver dealer about their margins and talk with multiple dealers to compare prices.

Others were dismayed that they felt pressured to buy premium (or numismatic) gold and silver coins from private mints – which can vary wildly in value – instead of buying common bullion.

Some customers were frustrated by an inability to obtain a receipt for their transactions with Birch Gold.

Birch Gold Customer Service

In nearly all cases, when a customer leaves a negative review, Birch Gold representatives quickly respond and attempt to resolve the problem. For example, this review from Trustpilot shows Birch Gold’s good-faith effort to help a customer.

In other cases, however, Birch Gold does not respond to customer complaints. This happens most often when customers acknowledge that they regret not researching their options better. We conclude that in these cases, Birch Gold expects customers to research more on their own and independently corroborate any information they receive. However, these kinds of complaints also show that some Birch Gold representatives may not be as forthcoming about a customer’s options or as patient with customer concerns and questions as they could be.

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One takeaway from this article (and this probably comes across as a no-brainer) is that investors should be cautious and deliberate. We recommend you speak with a financial advisor to see if investing in or rolling over all or a portion of your retirement portfolio into precious metals makes sense for you.

What Products and Services Does Birch Gold Offer?

Birch Gold offers direct purchases and a self-directed IRA option where you can open or rollover your retirement funds from stocks and bonds to precious metals. A cool thing about Birch Gold is that you can buy not just gold and silver, but also platinum and palladium products too.

The company offers a wide variety of precious metals, mostly in the form of coins. They also offer gold bars and even goldbacks, a new voluntary currency containing gold.

Does Birch Gold Have a Buyback Plan?

Yes, if you ever want to sell your precious metals, Birch Gold will offer to buy back your holdings at no additional cost. However, we recommend potential customers ask about the buyback process before investing with any precious metals company. The buyback offer will not be what you originally paid for your precious metals unless those metals have appreciated significantly, so be prepared for that price difference.

What are Birch Gold’s Fees?

Birch Gold charges a one-time account setup fee of $50 and a wire transfer fee of $30.

If you’re keeping your precious metals with Birch Gold, in a precious metals IRA, for example, you’ll pay about $100 for storage (depending on the location) and insurance and $125 for management fees.

More information about Birch Gold’s fees can be found here.

Does Birch Gold Have Minimum Requirements?

Yes. Similar to other precious metals companies, Birch Gold requires at least $10,000 for both IRA rollovers and direct cash purchases. This is much less than what some competitors require.

What Makes Birch Gold Unique?

From our research, we found that Birch Gold is great at helping first-time precious metals investors understand the gold and silver buying process. The company wants the best-educated customers and has a prominently featured education section on its website. It contains a store of solid articles (like how to avoid getting scammed) to help people get the most out of precious metals investing.

Representatives from the company also regularly appear on news shows to talk about the economy and better explain how precious metals can help hedge against inflation or market downturns. This helps customers and potential investors easily stay up-to-date on market conditions and investment ideas. You can watch an example here:

The company also has relatively lower requirements compared to other precious metals companies and offers some unique, IRS-approved bullion for self-directed IRAs like the goldback. This makes investing more flexible, giving customers more options to compare and choose from.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, Birch Gold has a wider variety of precious metals customers can invest in, not just gold and silver.

Does Birch Gold Have Any Promotions?

As of this writing, if you choose to rollover your IRA, and you have more than $50,000 in your retirement account, Birch Gold has offered to waive your first year’s fees.

Also, if you purchase more than $10,000 in precious metals, Birch Gold won’t charge you any delivery fees.

Some purchases may qualify an investor to receive up to $10,000 in free precious metals. The terms are as follows:

(A) The customer must make a new purchase of precious metals from Birch Gold for use in a Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account or for physical delivery; and

(B) The metals purchased must be of eligible types; and

(C) The purchase amount from Birch Gold must be at least $50,000 US

Provided the above conditions are met, Birch Gold will ship a value of Metals (the “Incentive”) directly to the customer (for cash purchases) or to the applicable depository (for IRA purchases). The value sent by the Company depends on the amount of Metals purchased as follows (all amounts in US Dollars):

(A) For purchases of Metals of $50,000.00 to $99,999.99, Birch Gold will bonus $500 of Metals;

(B) For purchases of Metals of $100,000.00 to $249,999.99, Birch Gold will bonus $1,000 of Metals;

(C) For purchases of Metals of $250,000.00-$999,999.99, Birch Gold will bonus $2,500 of Metals;

(D) For purchases of Metals of $1,000,000.00 or more, Birch Gold will bonus $10,000 of Metals;

As with any promotion, we recommend you ask specifically what type of precious metals you need to purchase to qualify for these benefits and get all confirmation in writing, just in case a miscommunication happens.

How Can I Open a Birch Gold Account?

The process to open a Birch Gold account is straightforward because the company takes care of all the paperwork for you. You provide your contact information, and a representative will contact you to discuss whether you want to purchase precious metals or transfer or rollover your retirement savings into a precious metals IRA.

You’ll discuss your motivations for investing in precious metals and talk about which products to purchase. If you’re purchasing directly, you can send a check or wire transfer, and once received, the company will send the precious metals to your desired destination. If you’re transferring retirement funds to an IRA, a specialist will help you select a custodian and guide you through each step of the process.

For precious metals IRAs, Birch Gold helps you choose what to include in your portfolio and where to deposit your assets. Ultimately, these choices are up to you. Depositories offer both segregated and non-segregated storage with assets insured up to $1 billion.

Once funding is finalized and assets in an IRA are stored, Birch Gold recommends you keep an eye on prices and check in regularly with your IRA specialist who can provide accurate buyback quotes for when the time comes to use your assets for retirement. More information about this process can be found here.

How Does Birch Gold Store Precious Metals?

Like other precious metals dealers, Birch Gold works with custodians and depositories to vigilantly protect its customers’ assets. For IRAs, depository options include the Delaware Depository, Brinks, and International Depository Services. Among these options, locations include Delaware, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Seal Beach, CA.

How Does Birch Gold Disburse Funds?

When the time comes for a customer to withdraw funds from their precious metals from their IRA, Birch Gold helps by working with custodians and depositories to liquidate those holdings. Customers can receive an in-kind distribution, meaning they can have the actual precious metals sent to them, or they can receive a cash disbursement through wire transfer or check. This article about gold IRA liquidation explains more about the process.

Conclusion – Who Should Invest with Birch Gold?

Overall, we judge Birch Gold to be a good option for any investor or soon-to-be retiree who wants to allocate a part of their portfolio to precious metals as a way to hedge against inflation and protect their hard-earned savings. Thanks to Birch Gold’s lower purchase and investment requirements, this is fairly easy.

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We also repeat our recommendation that anyone looking to invest in gold and silver should consider talking with a financial advisor to better understand the risks and rewards in this sector.

Thanks for reading!

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