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Choosing a Gold IRA Company

So, you’re ready to take control of your retirement and roll over your savings to a precious metals IRA. You’re done with inflation eating away your savings. Market volatility is pissing you off. But how do you choose which company to help you? You may have already researched a few gold IRA companies, and below you’ll find a quick guide to make sure your retirement is protected and your peace of mind is intact. Some of these points are no-brainers (we still wanted to cover all the bases), but you still might discover a couple of questions worth asking.

Research the Company History

1) Check the company’s reviews. Do they have a good track record? How long have they been in business? Do they have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau? What do reviewers on TrustPilot or Google have to say?

Investment Focus

2) You may want only companies that specialize in precious metals investing or rolling over IRAs. When an investment company has a specialty like precious metals, the people you trust with your retirement savings can focus on getting the best return. Bigger firms that offer a lot of different investment vehicles may treat precious metals (and your hard-earned savings) as an afterthought. Instead, consider doing business with a company that knows the ins and outs of rolling over your retirement savings into gold, silver, or platinum.

Fee Structure and Tax Implications

3) Find out precisely what fees they charge. Some companies may hit you with hidden fees. Others will be upfront about their costs. You want to know exactly how much you’re paying so there are no surprises down the road. Do they charge a flat fee or do they charge a percentage of your holdings? What are the tax liabilities with a gold IRA?

Customer Service

4) Get a sense of their customer service. Are they responsive to questions? Do they make the process easy to understand? Do they have a good reputation for taking care of their clients? Again, review sites will help you gauge the kind of sales approach these companies use to educate and help potential clients.

Flexibility and Variety

5) See what kind of precious metals they offer. Do they have a good selection? Do they only carry gold? Can you roll over your IRA into platinum or silver or a mix? How are the precious metals stored and in what form are they stored?

How to Cash Out

6) Find out how you can cash out your metals when the time comes. Some companies may have different transaction times or waiting periods. You want to know that you can access your savings when you need to. Make sure you understand ahead of time when and how you can access your retirement savings so you’ll always have what you need.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right precious metals IRA company is crucial to protecting your retirement savings. Make sure you do your research and select a company that has your best interests in mind.

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